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Mexico City | Peter & Delia Breit

Peter Breit was a 16-year-old Minnesota teen on an AIM trip with Mike Shields in 1992 when he first felt a burden for missions. In the year following his return, God began to stir a passion in him for Mexico City through times of personal prayer and ministry at what was then Maple Grove AG.

He attended North Central University as a cross-cultural studies major and after graduation he married Delia in December of 1999. They had talked about someday doing missions work in Mexico while the two of them were serving at a local church in Minneapolis.

During one of the services at that church, the guest speaker spoke a prophetic word over the two of them that they would soon be venturing to the mission field. It was confirmation of what the Holy Spirit had already been speaking to them and soon they were on their way to Mexico City.

Their first two terms were filled with effective ministry, relationship building, and leadership connections that paved the way for this latest term where they focused on training up a new generation of church planters in partnership with the Assemblies of God in Mexico.

Mexico City and the surrounding area is home to over 27 million people and the overwhelming majority of them do not have a personal relationship with Jesus.

The vision is to plant 2,000 churches in the coming years to begin to make an impact in the city.

This is one of the first major church planting initiatives for the Assemblies of God in Mexico and in the past two years alone they have seen 29 new churches and over 30 new preaching points started through the program.

There’s much more work to be done. As Peter puts it, “If we planted 2,000 churches that grew to 1,000 people in each church we’d still only have [reached] 2 million people of out 27 million people.”

Peter and Delia will be intinerating this fall in Minnesota and across the US. Watch their spotlight video online at