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Larry & Melodee Gruetzmacher  |  Mexico

For years we have been involved in church planting in the country of Mexico, where less than 5% of their population are Evangelical Christians. We have extended the ministry to include leadership development, mentoring pastors, and advanced education for pastors and leaders in all of Latin America.

We have two sons, David and Colin, who grew up in Mexico City and are now married with children.  David and Miriam and their son Greyson, 4 years old, live in the United States where they are involved in business and their local church.  Colin and Hayley, with their children, Leo, Cora and Eden, live in New Zealand where they currently pastor a church.

As a catalyst for church planting in Latin America, our goal is to identify potential key planters and leaders who will successfully develop new congregations.  We desire to see our supporting churches form teams with Latin leaders to develop interactive relationships that will benefit all parts of the team.  We also see the need of providing the resources to plant churches within the local culture and context.

As we work with Latin pastors to develop their foundations for ministry, our hope is to widen their base in all facets of practical ministry.  We help them deepen their spiritual base and their daily connection with the Holy Spirit.  We want to see them broaden their access to local resources to better influence their communities and be part of the solutions to meet felt needs.

We are so thankful to the Minnesota District of the Assemblies of God and appreciate the faithful support of so many churches.  We are enjoying being back home here in Minnesota for a time and having the opportunity to visit so many churches.  Our financial goal is to raise $1,500 more in monthly support and have a strong cash budget to help  with other projects.

If you want more information about our ministry in Latin America you can visit or email: .