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Thank you for organizing Kids Camp for your church. We look forward to partnering together for a great experience for you, your team, and campers for Kids Camp at Lake Geneva Christian Center in Alexandria, Minnesota.

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Volunteer Info

All Adult and CIT Registration is a 2-Step Process. Here is the 2nd STEP for the Online Registration that is required for Adult & Teen Volunteers

  1. Please complete your registration HERE
  2. Enter Referrals in Campwise – Every volunteer that is not credentialed with the Minnesota District Council of AG needs to complete this step. IF YOU ARE A CREDENTIALED PASTOR WITH THE AG YOU DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE THE 2nd STEP.

All Job Descriptions are subject to updating at any time. Everyone on the Kids Camp team is to read the 2024 Kids Camp Manual prior to arriving.

Registration & Leader Information

Church Coordinator steps:

  1. Start Here/Important Info: Church Coordinator Letter and Welcome Letter
  2. Response Requested: Church Group Hold Request
  3. Login: Campwise Coordinator Portal
  4. Optional: LGCC Partial Scholarship Application
  5. Bonus Info: Leader Checklist, Special Needs Policy, FAQ’s, etc.
Church Reservation for Group Hold
  • Due March 1st: Submit Group Hold Request Form. For a church or group with more than one child attending camp, please complete the form.  This Group Hold request allows you to indicate a desired week, and to generate a Group Code for your campers to be grouped together.
  • FAQ’s for Group Holds
LGCC Partial Scholarship Application
Campwise: Coordinator Sign-In for Online Registration
  • There are two interfaces for Campwise 1) Campwise for Church Coordinators and 2) Campwise for Camper and Adults. The Campwise Church Coordinator website will be a central hub for you to identify status of registrants in your group, financials, and make suggestions for a Counselor and Camper Subgroups. Below are suggestions to getting logged in:
    • Username: ____ Use the username that was emailed to you. If you did not receive an email and/or cannot remember it, please use the Forgot Username link.
    • Password:   summer   – You will be directed to create your own password the first time you sign in. If you forgot your password, the security question is: “What is your favorite color?” The answer is: green. If you cannot remember your password, please use the Forgot Password recall.
Additional Information


Promo Material
Communication Templates
Counselor & Camper Subgrouping
  • Due May 31st: Submit Counseling Group Form via Campwise Coordinator portal. This is your recommendation for how your Counselors should be grouped with campers (1:8 ratio).
  • In Campwise Coordinator portal > Tab, Online Forms > Counseling Group Forms. Prior to submission, please consider:
    • Include each counselor and co-counselor/ CIT along with the names of each child in their counseling group. CIT’s do not count towards the eight kids per group maximum.
    • Fill out each form as many times as you have groups. If you have six counselors, you will complete this form six times.
    • One form per gender group, even if groups are not full (8 kids). There is a 1:8 adult to child ratio. No group should exceed eight kids.
    • Optional, watch how to fill out the Counseling Group Form Video Tutorial
Day of Arrival for Camp

Prepare in advance to have a great day for arriving at Kids Camp. Follow this process for collecting “The 3 M’s” before departing for camp. For further specifics, reference the Coordinator Welcome Letter.

  1. Medicine with Medication Form – All minors (Campers, CITs, Teen Volunteers) bringing medications to camp, need to include this form with the medication in its original packaging in a labeled zip lock bag.
  2. Money – cash only.
  3. Mail for Campers – optional, for loved ones to send with you an addressed envelope with a letter for a camper.

Once on site at Lake Geneva, these Arrival Instructions will help you navigate your first steps.

Children’s Ministries is taking an active role in strategizing with all of the Assemblies of God ministries and resources focused on children and those that minister to them.


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