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Main Sessions

Scott Wilson

Martha Tennison

Dr. Allen Tennison


We’re excited to offer a wide variety of breakouts at the EQUIP Conference. Breakouts are split up into 7 categories: Pastoral Leadership, Generational Ministry, Missional Living, Communications/Operations, Creative/Worship Arts, Discipleship Process, and Conversation Rooms.

Pastoral Leadership

Church Transformation and Revitalization
Andrew Jergenson| Fri 4:30 pm

Martha Tennison | Fri 4:30 pm

Your Surprising Ministry
Jason Karpf | Sat 10:00 am

Church Multiplication: Think Multiplication
Chandler Gray | Sat 10:00 am

Spiritual Leadership
Tom Solhjem | Sat 10:00 am

How To Create and Use Your Master Plan to Achieve Further Growth of His Kingdom
Chris Fleck | Sat 11:15 am

Church Multiplication: Team Development
Chandler Gray | Sat 11:15 am

U40 (Under 40) Next
James Leonard | Sat 11:15 am

Destroy What Could Destroy You
Bob Junak | Sat 1:15 pm

Church Multiplication: Multisite Models and Funding
Chandler Gray | Sat 1:15 pm

U40 Q&A with Dr. Allen Tennison 
James Leonard | Sat 1:15 pm

Generational Ministry

YOUTH: 180 – Developing a Culture and Strategy around Student Testimonies
Phil Johnson | Fri 4:30 pm

KIDS: Leading Children Into the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Randy Christensen | Fri 4:30 pm

Retirement Planning
Kelly Dufour | Fri 4:30 pm

YOUTH: The Local Shepherd: Building teams of  Volunteers and of Shepherds
Phil Johnson | Sat 10:00 am

KIDS: Variety and Visuals
Randy Christensen | Sat 10:00 am

How Can the Church Help Families Facing Fierce Waters with Parenting and Marriage Issues?
Sandy McKeown | Sat 10:00 am

YOUTH: Time Management
Phil Johnson | Sat 11:15 am

KIDS: Drama and Characters in Children’s Ministry
Randy Christensen | Sat 11:15 am

YOUTH: Long Game
Phil Johnson | Sat 1:15 pm

KIDS: Ministering to Gen Alpha
Chris Pruett | Sat 1:15 pm

MEN: Father and Sons, a Lasting Connection
Greg Kalyvas | Sat 1:15 pm

Missional Living

Sharing Jesus with Muslims
Featuring guest AGWM Arab World Missionaries  | Fri 4:30 pm

Shepherding Sheep: Called to Marketplace Ministry
Denise Walker | Sat 1:15 pm

Character and Civility in Civic Engagement
Lisa DeMuth | Sat 1:15 pm

Communications and Operations

Establishing a Digital Presence for Your Church
Sam Beamond | Fri 4:30 pm

How to Minister to Survivors of Trauma
Joe Malhoit | Sat 10:00 am

The Power of Podcasting: Getting Started & Building An Audience
Logan Ketterling | Sat 10:00 am

The Churches Response to Ministering in a Fallen World (Safety/Human Trafficking)
Joe Malhoit | Sat 11:15 am

It IS a big deal: Proactive Harassment Prevention
Amber Woller | Sat 1:15 pm

Discipleship Process

Trailblaze a Marriage Ministry
Cindy Chastenet | Fri 4:30 pm

The Gifts and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit Working Together: Part I
Carolyn Tennant | Sat 10:00 am

MEN: Mobilizing Men to Ministry
Mike Stehr | Sat 10:00 am

Mental Health
Edna Geddes | Sat 10:00 am

Single Mom Ministry, Why You Need it and How to Easily Excel It
Amanda Jaeger | Sat 10:00 am

The Gifts and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit Working Together: Part II
Carolyn Tennant | Sat 11:15 am

Credentialed Women: Networking
Steph Peterson | Sat 11:15 am

5 Topics Every Christian Needs to be Prepared to Talk About
Allen Tennison | Sat 11:15 am

Volunteer Leadership That Doesn’t Just Exist But Thrives
Carol Lund | Sat 11:15 am

How to Have Difficult Conversations/Handle Conflict
Dolores Smith | Sat 11:15 am

Adaptive Leadership Towards Individual Volunteers
Tim Hager | Sat 1:15 pm

Following God’s Call into Ministry
Erin Corbett & Pam Lund | Sat 1:15 pm

Creative/Worship Arts

Use of Multitracks in Services
Sam Swenson & Ben Snyder | Fri 4:30 pm

Live Streaming Your Services
JJ Bautista & Clint Carter | Sat 10:00 am

Instrumental Gear
Taylor Marshall & Mark Nimmo | Sat 11:15 am

Chris Joseph & Parker Wruck | Sat 1:15 pm

Quality Christian Leaders | Healthy Faith Communities | Fulfilling the Great Commission