Main Sessions

Mike Burnette

Dr. Kathy Koch

Scotty Gibbons

Brittany Jones

River Valley Worship


We’re excited to offer a wide variety of breakouts at the EQUIP Conference. Breakouts are split up into 7 categories: Pastoral Leadership, Generational Ministry, Missional Living, Communications/Operations, Creative/Worship Arts, Discipleship Process, and Conversation Rooms.

Pastoral Leadership

How Not to Save the World
Chuck Apple | Sat 11:15am

Ministry Across Racial and Ethnic LInes
Darrel Geddes | Sat 11:15am

Magnetic Church
Greg Linz | Sat 1:15pm

Generational Ministry

Kids & Youth: Core Needs – Identify How Christ Can Help
Kathy Koch  | Fri 4:30pm

Legacy Coalition: A Grandparenting Ministry
Ben Mason | Fri 4:30pm

MEN: The Promise Principle – A New Approach to Discipleship 
Derek Blumberg | Sat 10:00am

Kids & Youth: Technology’s Influence Over Beliefs and Behaviors
Kathy Koch | Sat 10:00am

Doing Hard Things – Supporting Those We Love on Their Mental Health Journey

Brittany Jones | Sat 10:00am

MEN: Call to Lead: Biblical Principles That Empower Effective Leadership
Mike Stehr | Sat 11:15am

KIDMIN: 8 Great Smarts & Evangelism
Kathy Koch | Sat 11:15am

Youth: First Downs of Youth Ministry
Scotty Gibbons| Sat 11:15am

Keep on Getting Better
Scotty Gibbons | Sat 1:15pm

Building Emotionally Healthy Children in the Church
Chris Pruett | Sat 1:15pm

Missional Living

Pastoring, Pandemics, and Polarization: Leading Christian Communities in a Divided World
Allen Tennison | Fri 4:30pm

Self Care Starts with Me
Jeff Wendt | Fri 4:30pm

Marriage, Mental Health and Ministry
Brittany Jones | Fri 4:30pm

Even God Needs Right Fielders
Ron Noden | Sat 10:00am

Seeing the Whole Elephant
Nick Robertson | Sat 11:15am

Creating a Robust Missions Culture
Jesse Johannesen | Sat 1:15pm

Communications and Operations

Improving Technology on a Budget
Nat Vagle, Elliot Knight & Sam Snyder | Sat 10:00am

A Healthy Church Board
Jeff LeFavre | Sat 10:00am

Stewarding Digital Platforms
Alex Anderson & Maddie Roy | Sat 11:15am

Better Board Meetings
Derrick Ross | Sat 11:15am

Visual Storytelling: Creating Compelling Content
Matt & Jill Reed | Sat 1:15pm

Discipleship Process

Leading Pentecostally
Carolyn Tennant | Fri 4:30 pm

Who Me? Learning to Win Like Gideon
Tim Decker | Fri 4:30pm

How to be an Evangelist Within Your Sphere of Influence
Jono Gates | Sat 10:00am

Activating Strategic Leadership
Rachel Koubsky & Jeff Olson | Sat 10:00am

First Impressions MATTER!
Sara Breit | Sat 10:00am

Pastoring Addicts in Your Church
Rick Wipf| Sat 11:15am

Starting and Sustaining a Small Group Ministry
Gabe Thomas | Sat 1:15pm

Massive Vision for the Micro Church
Trent & Melinda Redmann | Sat 1:15pm

Following God’s Call Into Ministry
Erin Corbett & Pam Lund | Sat 1:15pm

Creative/Worship Arts

How to Remain Humble While Avoiding Burnout in Ministry
Jeff Deyo & Marcus Montana| Fri 4:30pm

Learning to Balance the Scripted and the Unscripted in Our Services
Jeff Deyo & Mollie Galvez | Sat 10:00am

Increasing Your Effectiveness to Lead Your Teams Practically and Spiritually
Jeff Deyo & Heather Bulgrin | Sat 11:15am

Understanding the Biblical Precedent for Physical Expression in Worship
Jeff Deyo & Todd Marshall | Sat 1:15pm

Quality Christian Leaders | Healthy Faith Communities | Fulfilling the Great Commission