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Kelli Patrick, Youth Alive

Destination Campus is a bi-annual event where students and leaders from across Minnesota gather for an 18-hour conference to be trained and equipped to reach their classmates, schools, and communities. These amazing leaders gather with one goal – to leave an impact on their culture. Mother Teresa once said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.” The theme this year was “Alter – Small Change, Significant Impact.” What if every student believer in Minnesota “altered” or made one small change in their life this year? What would the impact be in their school, community and church?

Evangelist Terrence Talley and Pastor Parker Dickerson joined us for our three main sessions. Terrence challenged students to break free of the obstacles in their life that distract them from God’s plan. Pastor Parker spoke to not only having a burden for those around you, but also the need for action in our lives to change the pain we see. Terrence closed the conference with a challenge to put the dream God has placed on your heart into action. Rely on the Holy Spirit to accomplish that dream as you obey Him.

Each student and leader was able to attend five breakout sessions. Breakouts included how to address our culture, hot button topics, campus leader basics, and advanced training for experienced student leaders. Pastor Phil Johnson said, “This is a conference that is so needed and offers so much information. Thank you for putting it together.”

Hillarie Markfort, a senior campus leader, said “I loved the opportunity to lead a breakout session. It gave me even more encouragement to continue to push through the hard moments of being a campus leader.”

Another aspect of Destination Campus includes the Annual AIM Training. Students and adults from 13 stateside and overseas AIM (Adventures In Missions) trips met together to prepare for these excursions later this year. Aimers were challenged in discipleship and habits, echoing the the theme of Destination Campus: Alter (little changes make large differences). If you fly from NYC to Los Angeles and you are just one degree off course, you miss your target by over 42 miles. Small, daily decisions can greatly alter the direction of our lives.