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Prayer Changes Everything

A prayer movement to reach the Buddhist world

Join the Change The Map community and become one of the 2,500 intercessors for the Buddhist world from the MN District.

Prayer Resources Available


This 15-day prayer guide comes from true stories sent by Change The Map workers in the Buddhist world.

What to Expect

  • Stories. Read real stories from missionaries serving in the Buddhist World.
  • Action Steps. Each day there will be action steps to challenge you to go beyond prayer to love those around you and share the hope we’ve found in Jesus.
  • Prayer Prompts. Every day you will be given a prayer prompt and will be asked to post your prayer in the comments section.

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Change the Map Podcast

Hear from Change The Map leaders, missionaries, and partners.


As a viewer or listener, you’ll hear interviews with Change The Map:

  • Leaders. Learn about why it started, what we’re doing, and more.
  • Missionaries. Hear about what’s happening in the Buddhist world and how the good news is reaching people.
  • Partners. Listen to pastors, donors, and people like you and me who financially support the work of Change The Map. Hear why they are involved in the movement.
  • Buddhists Who’ve Become Christians. Hear stories of Buddhist people whose lives have been changed by the love of Jesus.


CTM started in 2013 with a group of cross-cultural workers in Southeast Asia who were passionate to make a difference for Jesus Christ in the Buddhist world. We were inspired by a map, showing nations of the world with the highest percentage of Buddhists. We believe the love of Jesus can and will change this map through our concerted prayers. We invite you to change the map of the Buddhist world by praying with thousands of others through weekly Prayer Moments or CTM Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook posts. May the name of Jesus be glorified in the Buddhist world!

-Mark Durene
Founder and Director of
Change The Map

CTM Promo Video

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