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Walk into Mike Amiot’s office and you’ll see a wall of hats representing many college campuses. The top three rows are the 55 campuses with a Chi Alpha presence across the Great Plains region. The bottom row is the campuses they’re hoping to pioneer ministries in the coming years. It’s the perfect image that captures the incredible growth of Chi Alpha since its humble beginnings and the vision for the future.

Chi Alpha pastors, leaders, and supporters gathered on November 12th at Cedar Valley Church in Bloomington to honor Mike and Laura Amiot on their 25-year milestone in directing Chi Alpha in Minnesota. Much like Mike’s hat wall, the theme of the night was “Celebrating the Past and Building for the Future.”

Mike recently sent out an email recapping the night and said, “We took a brief look through the past and thanked God for all his provisions. We now look forward to the future and dream of pioneering more campuses for the Kingdom. We are also looking for additional seed money for the purchase of buildings. We do not know what is in store for future campus access but we want to be prepared.”

Chi Alpha has always been a missional ministry, and there are more campuses to be reached. As Mike puts it, “Let’s add more hats!” The hope is to raise $250,000 over the next three years, and nearly $50,000 was raised that night. Click here if you’d like to participate in the campaign and watch the video below.