Nomination Process for
Assistant Superintendent

Our Bylaws provide for a nomination process for all Executive Officers, other than District Superintendent.  We will be electing the Assistant Superintendent at the 2019 District Council.

Duties of the Assistant Superintendent:

1)  To serve as the Vice President of the corporate body.

2)  To preside at meetings in the absence of the District Superintendent.     

3)  To assist the District Superintendent in the supervision of the District and to perform any functions under the supervision of the District Superintendent or such as may be directed by the Executive Presbyters, District Presbytery or the Minnesota District Council.

Who may submit a nomination? Article II, Section B, paragraph 1 of our Bylaws establishes those who may submit a nomination as:  “any Certified, Licensed or Ordained minister in good standing with the Minnesota District Council” and “churches affiliated with the General Council or the Minnesota District Council. . .by action of the church board”. 

Who is eligible for nomination?  Article II, Section C, paragraph 3 of our Bylaws provides that “all officers shall be ministers who have been ordained no less than three years, and of mature experience and ability, and shall have been members of the Minnesota District for at least one year.”

When are nominations due?
  Article II, Section B, paragraph 2 of our Bylaws provides that “names must be submitted no later than January 15 of the year of the election of said Executive Officer to be considered by the Nominations Committee”.

Who receives my nomination?  All nominations are submitted to the office of the District Superintendent and will be tallied by Joanna Kalyvas, Executive Assistant to the District Superintendent.

This nomination must be submitted by midnight January 15, 2019.

Minnesota District Assemblies of God

Nomination for

Assistant Superintendent


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